15 May 2017

Three red cars from Permin

Permin 14-7111 Street/car

More cars are coming.  It has been a while since the last one was done in 2012. Finally they are ready.

Permin 14-7113 Wood/car

All three together really stand out on the plain white wall. This set has totally five designs. Permin also has smillar mini-kits 14-13xx but are in bigger size. The frames are from Rico Design. I think they fit perfectly, don't they?

3 Mar 2014

Artichoke by V.Enginger

Here is the new design from V. Enginger. I love all of them from this series. You can catch one here Les Brodeuses Parisiennes.

20 Nov 2013

Laurette to school by V.Enginger

LAURETTE À L'ÉCOLE - Laurette to school

It's designed by V. Enginer and sold at Les Brodeuses Parisiennes.

11 Feb 2013

Free cross stitch chart: Paris en Hiver

Les Brodeuses Parisiennes provides a new free chart. Nice as always. Every time I look at their website, I am happy. 

You can download the chart from their website or simply choose the image here and save it. 


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