29 Nov 2009

Scotland in Autumn

I had a holiday at the beginning of Nov in Scotland highland. It's splendid with the colours. If you plan to have a holiday in Scotland, remote north highland is strongly recommended. The only shortcoming is the short daytime. It got dark at about 4pm.

Castle Ruin

Water Images

Eggs for sale - help yourself

The view at Wildlife Park

What a life in that house!

A bridge next to road

I was so happy to see these trees.

The wildcat in the cage

18 Nov 2009

Make a Christmas Wreath

It is time to prepare for Xmas. Let's start to make a wreath.

16 Nov 2009

Nice Cross Stitches at B&B

I had a holiday in Scotland a week ago and stayed one night at nice Carneil Farm B&B. The lady has done very nice cross stitches and made fabulous decoration of the house.

Ducks in the living room


At the stairs. The picture is not clear, sorry.

'Four Seasons' in the bathroom.


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