27 May 2010

Healthy House Plants

'A study into indoor air pollution carried out by the UK fovernment's Building Research Establishment has revealed that pollution may be 10 times worse inside the home than outside it, and that the quality of the air we breathe at home poses a greater risk to health than breathing city smog.' -- I read this from a book.

Gradually, I started to be keen on organic and I never liked the air freshener. So, I will go for some house plants to improve the indoor air and decorate the house. Of course, I won't do it right now as we will move soon. But it is good to make some notes now.

Areca Palm
One of the best houseplants for chasing away chemical toxins while releasing large amounts of moisture into the air.

It is big size and grow up to 5m (15ft) high.

Boston Fern
This one scroed the highest for removing air pollutants and retaining moisture of all the plants tested.

It is good to put it in a room with new furniture or carpeting. 

English Ivy
It is effective at removing chemical toxins. It is good in a home office containing computers, fax machines, printers etc.

I like this one and will certainly go for it.

Peace Lily
Good anywhere, particularly near office equipment.

I had one a couple of years ago, but lost it after a long holiday. She was too thirsty. Sorry!


Spider Plant  
It can remove the potentially deadly gas and useful in the kitchens and living room with fireplaces.

This one is really common, cheap and easy to look after.

10 May 2010

Birds Visited Our Garden

Green woodpecker: I only saw it once and was excited to make the photos. At the moment I saw it, I didn't know it was green woodpecker. Unlike many of its kind, green woodpeckers rarly drum on trees. They hunt for food mainly on the ground, using their powerful bills and long tongues to break open ants' nests or eating earthworms. I did see deep holes he left behind. From the photo above, you can see his bill was deep in the soil.

Robin: One of the best-loved garden birds, they are highly territorial but also can be very tame, hopping down alongside the fence. Once I saw it on the handle of the mower.

Song thrush: These birds can sing both powerful and musical songs. They are excellent runners, and this allows them to pursue quarry such as leatherjackets. It is very interesting and funny to watch the bird running cross the lawn.

Blackbird: One of the most familiar garden birds, blackbirds like earthworms, slugs and snails. So I love them. Male birds are wonderful and talented singers.

Other birds have been seen in our garden are pigeon, magpie and tit.

Feeding birds is very common is the UK. Last winter was the coldest here in the last 50 years and there was a lot of snows. The birds really benefit from the feedings.

5 May 2010

Free Cross Stitch Chart: Flower of the Month - May - Lily of the Valley

Lily of the valley means: Return of happiness, purity of heart, sweetness, humility and chastity. It is used often in bridal arrangments for the sweet perfume.


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