21 Jun 2010

How To Customize Blogger Sidebar Title

I've seen so many beautiful blogs with lovely layout, pictures and logos. The most I like is the special sidebar title. After spending some time, I figured out how to make them and would like to share it with you if you want to give a go.

You will need:
  • image editing software, e.g. Photoshop, I used MS Digital Image.
  • the font you like
The customized sidebar title is actually a picture that I created and saved as .jpg file.
  1. According to my experience, you might take a while to find your favourite font. You can search your free font online. There are many options and they will tell you how to install them into your PC after downloading.
  2. Now we have the font, it's getting easy then. In your software, 'Create' a new file and 'Insert text'. Edit it to proper size to suit your blog. You can right click my side bar title to check the 'properties' and find out the 'dimensions'. The tip here is not to make big height, or else it won't look nice with big margin between the title and the text. 
  3. Once it's done, save the file as .jpg or even .gif if you want.
  4. Upload the file as a picture to flickr or somewhere similar.
  5. Get the HTML link. If you use flickr, open the picture, click 'all sizes' menu, the first option of 'Copy and paste this HTML into your webpage' is what you need.
  6. Then you can 'add a gadget' to add the html just right above the sidebar.
Now, you can enjoy your customized blogger sidebar title and feel you are an IT expert too. I was absolutely happy when I did it.

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