28 Jan 2011

Greeting from the Mouse

I just finished the cross stitch for my daughter. The mouse is very famous in Germany which is from a children TV programme. The duck and the BIG elephants are his friends. My 2 years old daughter saw a smiliar finished cross stitch (20 euros) in a craft shop and told me she liked it. Luckly, I found the pattern book from Rico Design in the library. It has never been so fast to finish one project. 'Mama, do my mouse please!'

The current frame is not good as it eats the duck's tail away. I need to look for a new one. It's better to see a full picture, isn't it? 

25 Jan 2011

Nice Cartonnage

by Gaolingqi

This is a lovely Christmas style cartonnage for buttons, finished with the cross stitch top. I love the elegant details.

by Roseberry

Roseberry is a Japanese expert of cartonnage who has published a lot of her loverly works. The one is simple and practical. I want to give a try for my tea bags.

by Roseberry

Here is one more from Roseberry. Very smart, isn't it?

19 Jan 2011

A peek at Bremen

There is not too much to do outdoors during the winter time. I'm starting to miss the day-trips when the sun was still shinnng. Here is one of them - Bremen. For me, Bremen is a very friendly international city full of tourists. As a foreiner there, I didn't feel uncomfortable at all. Holding the free map from the information centre, we didn't find the 'Town Musicians of Bremen' very easily. It's smaller than we expected. Thanks to the crowd around it, we finally saw it. Have a look at the donkey, and it is quite polished by hands.


This is the town hall, one of the finest in Europe and has been included on the building work started in 1410. Roland is in front of the town hall on the main square. It is of the Knight Roland who was a protector of trade. It appears in many European cities especially those involved in the Hanseatic league. Bremen's is considered as one of the finest and is included with Town Hall on the World Heritage List.

Schnoor is strongly recommended which is an area of twisting lanes. It is a lovely place to wander aimlessly looking at in the many tiny shops.

What caught the little girl's eyes? It was certainly her that caught my eyes.

17 Jan 2011

Is that all?

I fell in love with this one at the first glance. It is exactly what I look for and I can see it finished and framed in our dinning room. My husband likes cats, likes fish, and likes saying 'Is that all? I thought you loved me' whenever whatever fish I cook. So how can I not buy this!

The kit I bought is 27 count evenware from Zweigart. After a couple of small projects on 27 and 32 count, I am fine with it. The result is much better than 14 count. The threads are from Anchor. I normally work with DMC and feel Anchor is slightly slim and works very well. The colours are vivid too. I like it and will try more later. By the way, I bought this kit online from Stitchability UK with free postage to worldwide. It's strongly recommended. I will certainly go back to them.


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