26 Feb 2011

Small sewing projects for kids

I have done some small projects for my daughter recently. This one was made from an empty sweetcorn tin.

This is the second bag from a pair of broken jeans. It's easier than the first one. I cut the good part of a trouser and stitched the bottom. The top was actually the original trouser end. 

Both bags are for the toys.

One more finished project was a doll bedset. The fabric was from an old baby bed cover.

Also, I didn't forget the dollhouse which is now snoopies' house. 

 I know the dollhouse needs the renovation. A big project!

20 Feb 2011

Free patchwork dog pattern

Bustle and Sew kindly shared her Best in Show design. You can download the free pattern from here.

14 Feb 2011

Free cross stitch chart for dollhouse

I never thought about a cross stitch for the hollhouse. Here it is. Thanks Jane for sharing her design. You can download the free chart from her website

12 Feb 2011

Kids bag from broken jeans

My daughter has more and more toys. The toy boxes are full, the bags are full, and the floor is covered by her toys. So I made her a small bag which is from a pair of broken jeans. Actually, this is only one trouser. I don't know what to do with the other one yet. Any suggestion?

4 Feb 2011

Lovely orchid in the winter

My fullly blooming orchid made the home a bit bright in the dull winter. I got it from my husband as a gift on the 1st anniversary. I'm happy it still grows well after 7 years. It has been in the bathroom all the time which is the best place to put according to the experts. About once a month, I apply a bit Orchid Feed. Last year, my husband took it to the orchid centre and wanted to change to a bigger pot. The staff cut some old roots away and repotted in the same pot with new composts. Afterwards, it grows much faster.

Since the good experience with the first orchid, I bought myself a different colour one. It only cost me £1.5 as a sale item. Sometimes, it is not that the cheaper, the worse. My orchid normally blooms once a year and each time lasts a couple of months.

It is February now. The seeds are already in the market. I bought cress, spring onion, salad leaf and cat grass. The cress suppose to be very easy to grow. A kitchen towel and some water. That's it! Can you see the roots? It's only 2 nights later. I expect to have them in my plate in 2 weeks.

1 Feb 2011

Free cross stitch pattern: QS Water Lily Mermaid

Download the pattern from Heaven and Earth Design
Download PDF provided by Heaven and Earth Design


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