30 Mar 2011

Finished work: Is that all

Here is the finished 'Is that all?' by Peter Underhill. I mentioned more details here when I started. I really like it, so I spent more time on it and finished earlier than expected. It is my quickest stitch.  I'd like to  frame it and hang it in the dining room.

Peter Underhill is my favourite designer. His cats are not cute at all, and I certainly don't want my cat like them. But I like to have them on the wall. lol.

17 Mar 2011

Sewing practice

The nice sewing items online made me want to try. I got a very old Singer sewing machine from my mother-in-law. It is certainly one of the earliest electrical sewing machines. I have to say Singer is a good brand. The machine has not been used for ages. My husband paid 5 euros for the checking and learning how to use it. It works! 

I'm learning and practising now. The above one is a bread basket. It looks much better with a liner than a piece of kitchen towel.


Here is a small bag for my new mobile. I am not satisfied with it but at the moment I can't make it better. Keep practising. Keep learning.


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