20 Jun 2011

New magzine: Cross Stitch Creations (Création Point de Croix)

The French cross stitch magazine 'Création Point de Croix' now has English version 'Cross Stitch Creations'. 

I like this magazine very much.  The editors previously worked at  'De fil en Aiguille'. After DEFA stopped publishing, they started the new magaznie 'Création Point de Croix'. It's obviously very succesful. The magaznie is now in French, Spanish, Italian, German and English. You can subscribe any version worldwide from their website. It's great, isn't it? Below is a peek at the latest May/June issue.

14 Jun 2011

Cross stitch to do list

I saw these lovely finished work at my local craft shop.  I was attacted by them immediately. They are the mini kits from Permin. Each one is 9 x 9 cm. There are totally 6 in this seriel. I'd like to do 3 of them and hang them in a roll on my empty dull wall.

8 Jun 2011

Framed work: Is that all

'Is that all' is finally framed and hanging on the wall just next to our dining table. I found this lovely frame at a big individual furniture store. They were doing refurbishment, so everything is minimum 30% off. I bought more different sizes frames for the future use.

It looks a bit small on the empty wall. I'm thinking to do one more, perhaps this one: 'Will you join me for dinner?'  I wanted to do it and prepared the threads, but didn't start it yet. I'm going to look for the linen then.


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