11 Oct 2012

Watercolour painting

I have recently seen so many blogs about the watercolour paints. I really like them. Sometimes we all need something to cheer up, to feel calm. The paintings work for me. They are so fresh, so individual. 

Now I want to try my hand at working with watercolors. I'm an absolutely beginner, no idea about which paper, which brush to choose. But luckily  my 4 years old daughter shew her interests in the watercolours. So I bought something for her. Then I can share the tools with her. And yesterday I even found a nice book from the library. 

Now I know the very basic rules:
  • Start painting from the light colours.
  • H or HB pencil 
  • Kitchen paper to dry the paint

I recommend this book for the beginners. It got good customer reviews on Amazon.

Also, the book gave me the idea to write journal with watercolor. The good example is from Geninne D. Zlatkis.

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