10 Oct 2009

Cross Stitch Height Chart


Here we are! Finally, I finished my height chart for my daughter. I bought the kit when I was pregnant and started to work on it when my daughter was 2 months old. I thought I would have a lot of free time during the maternity leave. Actually, I was absolutely wrong. Being a new mum, I had too much to learn and also needed the naps to catch up sleep. So it took me 17 months to finish the chart. Now, my daughter is 19 months and 85cm(2.8feet/33.5inch).

The most difficult work was the backstitch. Too many backstitches to do and it was hard to do it in the evening, too dark.

Work in Progress. The small duck is missing now, must be 'hidden' by the little one somewhere in the house.

Some details

I will mark some heights every certain period, let's say every 6 months.

People are still working on height chart, come on!

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  1. Did your babies Dr. give you a paper everytime you go for a well check that has your baby's height and weight? You could use those measurements to make up for lost time. If not they will have it in their charts. You could always ask the next time you are there.

    I think it turned out really cute! I think we all under estimate how much free time we will have once our first baby is born. Some of it is because we have waited so long to finally hold our little one that it is hard to put them down, even when they are asleep. This will be a chart to cherish for all time.

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    Katrina of the R&W Girls



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