25 Jan 2010

Free Cross Stitch Chart: Cats

Here is a lovely cats chart.  You can decorate your towel or make a card with one or two cats, oh, and a mouse as well. Also, it is lovely to make the full chart stitch. Cats people, like me, just can't refuse this cute design.

19 Jan 2010

How To Make an Easy Cartonnage

I fell in love with the cartonnage from the first moment I got to know it. After saw so many beautiful cartonnages, I made my first easy verion one.

My easy cartonnage was made from my daughter's teddy box. It is not perfect shaped. Next time I would try to make a real cartonnage with 3mm cardboard.

Leaving some margin for the fabric is a good idea. Also, don't forget to wash and iron them.

The tools I used were very simple. For the best result, the bookbinding glue is recommended. It is not too runny and too tacky, just perfect for the job. Of course, the multiple function glue can do the job too.

13 Jan 2010

Cross Stitch: Will You Join Me For Dinner

This cute cross stitch kit is on my wish list now. It is designed by Heritage Craft which was formerly known as Heritage Stitchcraft. There are two options, 14 count and 27 count. I won't dare to go with 27 count. The size is 14 x 29 cms.

The cheapest one I found online is £13.95 with free postage. Not too bad. I think I will go for it. Anybody else like it?

10 Jan 2010

How To Make A Tea Cosy with Free Cross Stitch Chart

I always want to have a tea cosy, but did not find a one that I really like. Now here we are, a really special one. I like the design, cosy and clean. It makes a nice a home for your tea pot.

To make this tea cosy, you will need
11 count Aida: 35 x 48 cm
Blue felt: 26 x 33 cm, 3 pieces
Light brown felt: 5.5 x 5 cm, 2 pieces
Cotton wadding: 26 x 33 cm, 2 pieces

7 Jan 2010

Free Cross Stitch Chart: Flower of the Month - January - Carnation

Download Chart

EMS new project for 2010 is Flower of the Month. I have no idea if I am able to find time doing it. With two UFOs and the the little one is around me, I doubt it. But I do love the elegant designs. Save them here and someone maybe like it.

Carnation is one of the oldest flower varieties which covers more then 2000 years. It means  fascination, distinction, and love. Carnations is the typitcal flower of Mother's Day.

Light red: to convey admiration.
Dark red: deeper sentiments of love and affection.
White: purity and luck.
Pink: sign of gratitude.

4 Jan 2010

Free Cross Stitch Chart: Party Alphabet

         Download Chart

The chart can be used to decorate bags and t-shirts, special gift tags, creat nameplate and so much more. They are so bright and colourful.


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