22 Feb 2010

Ashburton: A Nice Village in Devon

I had a holiday in Devon last year and would like to share some pictures with you. In Dartmoor National Park, there is a small village called Ashburton. The lovely craft shops are really attractive. You won't go out the shops with empty hands, I bet, like me.

Most products are hand made by local people. Soaps, quilts, decorations...

All the shops are in the high street. You won't miss them.

Also, I would like to recommend 'Studio Tea Shop' to you. It was recommended by the locals. We had salad and sandwiches. They also do tea and cakes, nice and cheap. The only shortcoming is a bit tiny. But you won't have a party there, will you?

5 Feb 2010

Valentine Gift Tag

I made this gift tag today. It's very easy as long as you have the basic tools. It totally cost me less than half an hour. Actually, I don't personally celebrate Valentina Day. According to my husband, it's a more commerical day. To be honest, I agree with him. So, no flower, no chocolate, no going out, no whatever special. But, never mind, I can use this gift tag for some other days.

The lovely lips cross stitch patern is here.


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