29 Oct 2010

Fabric Finds

I've seen so many nice sewing projects online, so I decided to give a try myself. One of the first couple of things on the shopping list is: FABRIC.

Mooooooooooo. It was found in M√ľnster, Germany. There are two lovely fabric shops and a cross stitch shop in the city centre. All are great. It's a pity that I don't live nearby.

This is for my 2 years daughter. I worried it might be too childish soon. But I can't resist the little mousy.

Fabric from Bremen with the city symbol

French fabric in red and blue. It was found on holiday in France, thanks to the car breaking down. I've been the shop 3 times. Finally the shop opened.

A bargain. Only 50cents(euro). I got it from a fabric museum which was an old German fabric plant. It will be easily made to a tea towel.

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