19 Dec 2011

Free cross stitch chart: Un Noël à Paris

Please download the free chart from Les Brodeuse Parisiennes website or from below

14 Dec 2011

Five books in 2011

I still remember clearly what I have done last Xmas. Now this Xmas is coming. Time flies faster when I'm getting older. It's the first time I'm thinking about to do a new year solution. Then it came into my mind. I want to know what I have read in 2011.

1. 'A special relationship' by Douglas Kennedy 18.01.2011

The book is about a woman (Sally) who had a difficulty pregnancy, delivery and postnatal depression. She gave up her job and relocated to a foreign country to start a new life. It was tough for her, but happy ending. As a mum and a foreigner like Sally, I enjoyed reading the book.

2. 'Shopholic & Baby' by Sophie Kinsella 14.05.2011

It is a funny book and one of the author's shopaholic series. There is the typical British humour all the way through the book. I got relaxed to read it at the end of the day.

3. 'One day' by David Nicholls 21.09.2011 

When I read the book, I was actually thinking it might be a movie soon. And now, it is. Many girls dropped tears in the cinema. I haven't watch the movie yet. But I was touched by the story between Emma and Dexter. People talk about the movie something like a soul mate. I'd like to say whatever you are now happy or not,  the book might remind you someone who is deep in your heart, the one you remember always. And quite likely, he/she is just a friend who you admired and kept no touch.

4. 'Mini shopaholic' by Sophie Kinsella  23.11.2011

This is the author's new book after 'Shopaholi & Baby'. When I saw it at the local library, I didn't hesitate to take it with me. But I was a bit bored when I read it. Becky's silly crazy ideas are too bad to laugh. 'It's just a book.' But best of all, it's a happy ending, like always. I think her next book should be in California then. After reading many books about British, I fancy a bit change.

5. 'Calling Romeo' by Alexandra Potter 15.12.2011

Actually I haven't finished this book yet, but it's just the matter of one or two days. It's a girly book and good to read during holidays. I finished big half of the book during my journey between Germany and the UK.

All the books I read above are from the library. I've been good using the library facility for 8 years, both in the UK and Germany. In England, it's free and there are more new published books, but each person has the limited number books to borrow, e.g. 12. In Germany, you can borrow as many as you want with about 15 euros for a year, including magazines. But the books are slightly older. They all do foreign language books, English and French in Germany (a town library). And in England, they do German, Indian(don't know which language exactly), Thai and French (also a town library). In the big city libraries, there are also Chinese and Japanese books.

Too many books, too little time.

5 Dec 2011

Sofa Arm Cover

I finished my Germany course and now have more time to tidy up the rooms. The sofa arm was covered by an old blue bed sheet as my husband likes lying there to watch TV. It's much better now, isn't it? The flower fabric was the left over from the cushions. They are matching now. I'm happy with the result. 

23 Sept 2011

Buttons'n bears

I started a new cross stitch kit 'Buttons'n bears' by Dimensions. Above is the current process.

Have a peek at the threads. It's a big project and will take me a while to finish it, especially I'm so slow.

It's the first time I protect the fabric edge. It's doing well. Good idea!

21 Sept 2011

French villages in Brittany: Huelgoat & Guerlesquin

 Guelesquin market
Village show

Wild flowers

A parenting bird

 A lovely woman

Beautiful Huelgoat map


Wish to live there.

We had a relaxing holiday there. Brittany is worth going back.

16 Sept 2011

Free cross stitch chart: ABC d'automne/ ABC autumn

 Thanks Les Brodeuses Parisiennes for providing the free chart. Download here.

25 Aug 2011

Free cross stitch chart: red heart

Thanks Gazette94 for sharing. Download the chart from her blog.

24 Aug 2011


The previous cushions are 7 years old, look dull and worn-out. I sewed two new ones with Cath Kidston fabric. It was a raining afternoon, but I was happy. Crafts made me happy and relaxed. 

21 Aug 2011

Laundry day: peg bag

A small bag for my pegs.

Thanks for the inspiration from Petits Details

16 Aug 2011

Housecraft:French house renovation

We had a holiday last month in Britannia, France. Our brave British friends sold their house and quit the jobs in England, and bought this house with huge land. The self-sufficient life is their aim and now they have a very good start.

Britannia is a lot like Wales. There are quite a few British live here. The house/land is much cheaper there than Britain. The more important is the weather which provides better conditions for the sheep and crops. The house needs huge amount work, but it is not problem at all for our experienced friends.  

There will be a self-catering cottage to support the living. Firstly, the roof needs to be done.

The fireplace is ready with beautiful details.

What a lovely fern leaf!

At the corner, the motorbike is waiting...

10 Aug 2011

Applique T-shirt

A piece of red fabric + a used comfortable T-shirt = something my daughter likes. 

And then I'm happy.

26 Jul 2011

Dimensions kits Buttons n Bears

It is the first time I bought Dimensions kits. I came cross with Hobbycraft summer sale. The kits were really cheap. I'd like to do Buttons n Bears for my daughter, but it's a big project. I'm hesitating if I should start now or wait till I finish the WIP firstly. 

3 Jul 2011

Free cross stitch chart: button box

CoatsCrafts provides a free cross stitch chart to decorate a plain box.

20 Jun 2011

New magzine: Cross Stitch Creations (Création Point de Croix)

The French cross stitch magazine 'Création Point de Croix' now has English version 'Cross Stitch Creations'. 

I like this magazine very much.  The editors previously worked at  'De fil en Aiguille'. After DEFA stopped publishing, they started the new magaznie 'Création Point de Croix'. It's obviously very succesful. The magaznie is now in French, Spanish, Italian, German and English. You can subscribe any version worldwide from their website. It's great, isn't it? Below is a peek at the latest May/June issue.

14 Jun 2011

Cross stitch to do list

I saw these lovely finished work at my local craft shop.  I was attacted by them immediately. They are the mini kits from Permin. Each one is 9 x 9 cm. There are totally 6 in this seriel. I'd like to do 3 of them and hang them in a roll on my empty dull wall.

8 Jun 2011

Framed work: Is that all

'Is that all' is finally framed and hanging on the wall just next to our dining table. I found this lovely frame at a big individual furniture store. They were doing refurbishment, so everything is minimum 30% off. I bought more different sizes frames for the future use.

It looks a bit small on the empty wall. I'm thinking to do one more, perhaps this one: 'Will you join me for dinner?'  I wanted to do it and prepared the threads, but didn't start it yet. I'm going to look for the linen then.

17 May 2011

French style cross stitch

Les Brodeuses is such a lovely website from the French cross stitch magzine 'Création Point de Croix'. You may get inspired from all their adorable products without understanding French. It's even better as they offer some nice free cross stitch charts and you can get one here.

And don't forget to visit their blog


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