16 Aug 2011

Housecraft:French house renovation

We had a holiday last month in Britannia, France. Our brave British friends sold their house and quit the jobs in England, and bought this house with huge land. The self-sufficient life is their aim and now they have a very good start.

Britannia is a lot like Wales. There are quite a few British live here. The house/land is much cheaper there than Britain. The more important is the weather which provides better conditions for the sheep and crops. The house needs huge amount work, but it is not problem at all for our experienced friends.  

There will be a self-catering cottage to support the living. Firstly, the roof needs to be done.

The fireplace is ready with beautiful details.

What a lovely fern leaf!

At the corner, the motorbike is waiting...


  1. If you undertake a French renovation you need to be aware that it will almost certainly take longer and cost more than you originally think. If you love the style of old French buildings and you're looking for a unique home packed with character.

  2. Buy a ramshackle old French farmhouse for very little money, spend a little doing it up and have cheap vacations from then onwards or move into it permanently.



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