30 Nov 2012

Villeroy & Boch Mairefleur collection

I like the new Mariefleur collection from Villeroy & Boch.

It's lovely to see the flower grows in the mug.

Old and new, worked very well together.
I wish that I could draw this picture one day.

28 Nov 2012

Buttons'n bears update

It has been a while since my last update. And I haven't done a lot at all. The threads are getting more and more messy. So I did some tidy-up work.

5 Nov 2012

Cross stitch calendar 2013

Création Point de Croix now has the new calendar for 2013. There are 6 patterns and 6 finished project photos. I particularly like the two with the little girl. You can browse the calendar from the magazine website.  

Creating Cross Stitch 2013 Calendar (7)

Creating Cross Stitch Calendar 2013 (8)

Creating Cross Stitch Calendar 2013 (9)

Creating Cross Stitch Calendar 2013 (10)

Creating Cross Stitch Calendar 2013 (11)

Creating Cross Stitch Calendar 2013 (12)

11 Oct 2012

Watercolour painting

I have recently seen so many blogs about the watercolour paints. I really like them. Sometimes we all need something to cheer up, to feel calm. The paintings work for me. They are so fresh, so individual. 

Now I want to try my hand at working with watercolors. I'm an absolutely beginner, no idea about which paper, which brush to choose. But luckily  my 4 years old daughter shew her interests in the watercolours. So I bought something for her. Then I can share the tools with her. And yesterday I even found a nice book from the library. 

Now I know the very basic rules:
  • Start painting from the light colours.
  • H or HB pencil 
  • Kitchen paper to dry the paint

I recommend this book for the beginners. It got good customer reviews on Amazon.

Also, the book gave me the idea to write journal with watercolor. The good example is from Geninne D. Zlatkis.

18 Sept 2012

Lavender shoes bags

I always want to make some lavender shoes bags after I saw them from Tilda's Sweet Home book. Last month I bought some lavender from the local French market.  It's really easy to make and doesn't cost much time.

Our shoes cupboard needs more of the lavender bags. It smells much better now!

14 Sept 2012

New French cross stitch book: Agenda 2013 point de croix


Agenda 2013 point de croix 

I saw this book today in the email and like it immediately. So I searched it online and found out more info to share.
This one I like it more. And you?



22 Aug 2012

A little red car from Permin

I firstly saw this car in the display window of the local craft shop, three of them. I fell in love immediately. Finally, here it is . The red little car stands out so well from the background. There are more designs of this series as I mentioned before . This kit number is Permin 14-7110.

17 Aug 2012

Cross stitch I like: Sanctuary of Knowledge

I like it but I don't dare to start it. The chart contains 89 colours and the finished design size is 625W by 468H. More info from Heaven and Earth Design.

14 Aug 2012

Free cross stitch pattern: blowball

My daughter always loves playing with the blowball. It's such an easy joy! Here are something for the grown-ups.

26 Jul 2012

Vintage children book: Was darf es sein(how much is it)

My husband and my mother-in-law are both the persons who would keep nearly everything for memory. The good result is that I have this lovely vintage children book. It's in German and it was the book which my husband read as a kid. Now I put it here to share with you.

19 Jul 2012

Free cross stitch pattern: vintage teapots

Cross Stitching provides a lovely free chart of vintage teapots. Download from Cross Stitching website.

18 Jul 2012

Free cross stitch chart: boat

You perhaps didn't know Permin provides the different free pattern every month which is under the 'news-download graph' menu. I'm currently stitching a Permin car kit which I like very much. I will show you soon.

Download the pattern from Permin website or here.

17 Jul 2012

Free cross stitch pattern: summer lane

I just came back from the holiday. As you wished, here are the patterns for the summer lane. 

Download part1, part2 - 4

28 Jun 2012

Free cross stitch pattern: Autumn Lane

I'm glad that my 'Summer Lane' attracted the reader's eyes. I finished it last year and gave it to my friend as a housewarming gift. 

Here is the 'Autumn Lane'. Download the chart 1, chart 2, chart 3, chart 4. The charts have Dome floss numbers, and you may covert them into DMC or Anc with the conversion chart shared by 'Hand-work'.


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