30 May 2012

Free cross stitch chart: sewing motif

Brigitte Dadaux shared this sewing motif chart. Her website is great. So many gorgeous staffs to read. 

Download the chart here

29 May 2012

Lavender bag

My daughter found my stored lavender, so I made her a lavender bag. The fabric is a piece of leftover from Cath Kidston.

The lavender was from my garden two years ago. The smell is still wonderful. I put them in the sunshine. The smell gets even stronger.

This is the tin I used for my lavender. It's cute, isn't it? We don't have a garden now. But I grow lavender in the pot on the balcony. It does well. I hope I am able to fill in the tin again this year. 

26 May 2012

A peek at Création Point de Croix

The original French cross stitch design magazine Création Point de Croix
is really lovely. Here are some pictures from the recent issues. I'll be in France in July and will certainly go for one.

24 May 2012

Buttons'n bears May update

I haven't done too much with the bears. It's kind of boring now and I started a new project to have a rest. 

It's 'Little birds' from Lanarte. It's very small but in 27ct 1x1 stitch. My eyes!

14 May 2012

Free embroidery chart: bunnies

Bustle & Sew kindly shared the bunnies embroidery chart. 

Download from her website or here


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